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 After weeks and weeks of wanting some good news, I finally have it (I actually tentatively knew about this like a week ago, but wanted to wait until I signed the contract/sent the deposit, because I seriously didn't want to jinx anything).

BUT. It's now official. I've been entertaining the idea of telling fear to go fuck itself, and just moving back east since December. Then when one of my best friends told me she was also on board with the thought of Washington D.C., we started the long and tedious process of apartment hunting. 

And now, we officially have a place! It's a really cute apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland (about a twenty minute metro ride to downtown D.C, give or take). We found it through another Smith alum, who's subletting it to do a medical fellowship. She's also keeping all her furniture for us, so it's sort of a perfect situation.

We're moving in the first week of March, which is crazy. I really have to focus on packing and getting everything in order (and finishing The West Wing, of course). I've applied to like a billion jobs, and right now the plan is just to go and see what happens. I have some money saved, and if I don't have anything in June, I'll come back home. However, I think it's better to try than admit defeat before anything has even happened. 

There's definitely going to be some bittersweet things about leaving home--I'm going to miss my puppy like crazy, and my mom and I have reached a good place. However, there's going to be so many great things too. Feeling in control of my life again. Living in a city with a ton of my friends. Being only an hour and a half away from my best friend, and only four hours away from my old college. Being able to know that now, going up for Commencement in May is a definite. Living in a region of the country that I truly love, and that feels like home. Not living in a landlocked state/being close to beaches again. Being able to travel again. 

Plus, DC! Free museums! Cherry blossoms! Being close to Williamsburg and Monticello! Going for walks on the hill and trying to spot important people/pretending to be CJ Cregg or Abbey Bartlet!  

So now, I just have to work on getting there. But things are moving forward, which is amazing. Now let's just hope the job thing happens. 

Date: 2013-02-07 11:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ozqueen
YAY! This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you ♥ Fingers crossed you find a job soon and everything just completely falls into place :)

Date: 2013-02-08 01:11 am (UTC)
luxken27: (BSC - Dawn & MA)
From: [personal profile] luxken27
Congratulations! =) I'm envious that you even have the chance to move where you want. Good luck with the job hunt! Fingers crossed that you find something that allows you to stay longer than a couple of months =)


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